We are not a volume business.

We are enthusiastic about the work we do and focused on delivering a high standard of service. We are selective about who we work with and when choosing the projects we want to get involved with.

We will tour you through homes we have built and projects under construction and maybe even have a meal together. We want to meet you and spend time with you to understand what drives you and your project.

It all starts with meeting you and getting familiar with your design.

After reviewing your drawings and learning about your design intent, we’ll provide you with a detailed preliminary estimate. We’ll refine the estimate further as we dive deeper into the project with your architect and designer, and look for every possible issue to avoid future revisions and cost increases.

Next, we bring the trades into the process for cost validation and value engineering and to provide a more detailed picture of the budget and scope of work. After going through every single detail of the project, and making recommendations for adjustments where necessary, we present you with a final project budget for approval.

As we formulate the budget, we also put together the construction schedule. The construction schedule will highlight the key dates, such as specific order deadlines to ensure that items arrive at the worksite right when we need them. We’ll also ensure that all stakeholders in your project know what’s needed of them, and when.

At WPML, we pride ourselves in providing clients with transparent accounting and job tracking practices.

We issue invoice packages monthly for work completed. Our invoice package includes copies of all trade invoices, a summary of payments, a cost tracking sheet, and an updated work schedule as required.

Our project management team is committed to reducing or eliminating cost overruns after construction has started, but understand that changes are sometimes necessary. In the event a change impacts your budget, we will provide you with a complete picture of how the change affects both the budget and schedule before doing any of the work.

Everyone at WPML believes in open communication among team members, tradesmen, designers, and clients.

We’re always available to answer your questions or address your concerns, and are accountable for everything we do during the construction phase of project

Our team specializes in aligning the design objectives of construction projects with your budget. Each week, we provide clients and consultants with a progress report detailing project status, as well as what’s planned for the upcoming week.

Our fee is based on a percentage of the cost of construction.

We use this pricing model because it encourages a collaborative approach to project completion, and an atmosphere in which the trades deliver their highest quality work.

Maintaining a safe work environment at WPML goes beyond following the minimum set of occupational safety guidelines.

It is expected that all employees and sub-contractors adhere to the standards set out by the Ministry of Labour but also that everyone abide by the WPML Occupational Health and Safety Policy and WPML Site Rules & Procedures. A safe workplace is a priority every day, on every project, and at every job site. 

Once the project is complete, we’ll supply you with all the manuals, maintenance information, warranties, and supplier contact information related to your new home, office or business.

If you need onsite service, our service team is just a phone call away.