The lack of anxiety I had around the project was vital, I think what’s most important is trust. WPML had my best interest at heart when making decisions, especially when it came to budget. I had confidence in the team, and I didn’t feel the need to micromanage the project. The attention to detail and quality of the work was exceptional. We walk around feeling very lucky that we get to live in such a beautiful house.

- Aaron Pape

Farnham Avenue

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I’m deeply happy with the work WPML has done. The Site Supervisor led the project as though it were his own home, and my trust level went through the roof. From the beginning, WPML was very involved and detail oriented which allowed them to anticipate some challenges and give my team the heads up before they became an issue. I have lived in my condo for 20 years, and we made some extraordinary changes. The team was even able to bring out some extra wood details from the church that we have never seen before. Construction is a rigorous process, but I felt a sense of comfort and fairness. My house was beautiful before, but the level of craftmanship by the team still blows me away. I feel lucky to live here.

- Hildy Abrams

Macpherson Townhouse

From the drawings to the final touches, Tysen understood what we were trying to do, and the complicated nature of the project. His commitment to every aspect of his responsibilities was comprehensive and impressed us both for the level of details and the tremendous character he brought to the relationship that are part of such a challenging and personal undertaking. Every day over the entire period we felt completely assured that the schedule was in hand, and we could see that the many elements involved in hiring and managing the range of trades involved in the project were conducted at a level where everyone enjoyed working with him and appreciated and shared the standard expected on the job. It was a joy to watch the project unfold.

- L.B.

South Hill

Arwold Res March 2015 (38)
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Whether it’s your first project or your tenth, WPML will ask the questions you need to ask in order to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. The conversations I had with the team provided reassurance that they had our best interest in mind. Their experience, professionalism and commitment to the budget allowed us to bring our vision to life. We felt that all the key players were personally involved and committed to our project, regardless of the day of the week or the hour. The single greatest benefit was having a vision and a dream fulfilled as close to 100% of the plan as possible.

- Marc Belcourt

Sidney Street